Makeup company puts consumers at risk of asbestos exposure

It is no secret that asbestos is a dangerous and deadly substance. Unfortunately, South Carolina consumers might be more susceptible to asbestos exposure than they may think. Asbestos continues to show up in products where it should not, putting individual consumers at risk for developing deadly diseases.

A safety alert from the Food and Drug Administration urges consumers to immediately stop using cosmetics by the company Beauty Plus. The FDA says that it found asbestos in four or more products, including a beauty palette, matte blush, shimmer bronzer and bronzer, all of which are talc-based. Beauty Plus hasĀ issued a voluntary recall, the second of which it has had to make.

Makeup and other products that use talc might be more likely to contain hidden asbestos than other types of products. Both asbestos and talc form and can be found within the same type of rock. This close connection with asbestos means that most of the world’s talc deposits have asbestos contamination. When that talc is then used in products such as makeup, consumers might not be aware of the risks they are taking when making purchases. One government representative recently introduced new legislation that would require asbestos warning labels on all makeup products created for children, but this does little for adults who may also be at risk.

In general, consumers in South Carolina like to be as informed as possible when it comes to products. Unfortunately, getting clear information on products that might put them at risk for asbestos exposure can be difficult if not impossible. Because of this, victims who develop serious diseases like mesothelioma may choose to pursue legal action against companies that did not warn consumers about the possibility of asbestos contamination.

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