Yet another health danger associated with asbestos exposure

Most South Carolina residents are aware of the risks associated with the microscopic fibers often found in ceiling tiles, flooring, cabinetry and other construction materials; still, new information continues to surface as more and more people report symptoms of ill health. Asbestos exposure is now believed to cause laryngeal cancer, a rare disease that begins in a person’s larynx, otherwise known as the voice box. The larynx is located high in the trachea and the first sign of such illness is often a voice change.

When a person’s voice takes on a high pitch, raspy tone, there may be an underlying cause. If that person thinks he or she may have been exposed to asbestos at some point, it’s always best to seek immediate medical attention to rule out possible illness related to the exposure. There are several other symptoms that may signify laryngeal cancer as well.

People with this rare form of cancer often develop ear infections. Their throats may swell, too, which can result in difficulties or discomfort when swallowing. It’s never a good idea to ignore such symptoms as they may turn out to be something minor and easily treatable but may also be signs of serious illness that necessitates specialized care.

People who work in factories, old school buildings or other older structures are vulnerable. And shipyards and automotive manufacturing plants are especially at risk for asbestos exposure and subsequent illness. It’s common for many questions to arise if someone thinks another party is responsible for an asbestos-related disease. Perhaps an employer tried to cut corners to save time and did follow proper protocol regarding asbestos abatement. A South Carolina victim of asbestos illness could pursue recovery for losses against the employer if he or she dropped the ball regarding informing the worker of possible danger and supplying all necessary safety equipment on the job.

Source: reportshealthcare.com, “Asbestos- Linked With Laryngeal Cancer”, Ammara Perveen, April 17, 2018

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