Johnson & Johnson issues recall over asbestos exposure

Johnson & Johnson has been in the media for quite some time, but the coverage has not been good. Patients with mesothelioma have repeatedly blamed their asbestos exposure on the company’s talc baby powder. Although Johnson & Johnson has repeatedly denied these allegations, it recently recalled tens of thousands of baby powder products that tested positive for asbestos. South Carolina residents may want to be cautious of using Johnson’s Baby Powder at this time.

Since 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been taking a closer look at cosmetic products. Approximately 50 products have been tested as part of this survey, including two different samples of Johnson’s Baby Powder. One of those samples came backĀ positive for asbestos, and the company issued a voluntary recall of all the baby powder products that came from that specific lot.

This is not the first time that asbestos has shown up in Johnson’s Baby Powder. A report from Reuters showed that Johnson & Johnson knew that its baby powder contained asbestos for decades, but never disclosed that information. The company disagrees with the report and insists that it has test results from over 40 years that show its product is safe. The most recent discovery of asbestos in its baby powder my cast doubt on that claim.

The FDA said that there are currently no reports of adverse experiences related to the recently recalled lot of baby powder. However, it is unlikely that reports of this nature would appear any time soon. Asbestos exposure can — and quite often does — lead to mesothelioma, but this cancer takes years or even decades to develop. It is possible that some South Carolina consumers might have already been exposed and are on a path toward a difficult future. Maintaining careful documentation of exposure and medical information may be helpful, and an experienced attorney can probably provide valuable guidance to those want additional support.

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