Are Cornell students at risk for asbestos exposure?

Many South Carolina college campuses have buildings that contain asbestos. The dangers associated with asbestos exposure are well-known. A university in another state, however, claims its students, faculty and visitors have no reason for concern even though there are active asbestos abatement projects happening at the school.

A director of occupational health and safety at the university said there are often asbestos removal projects ongoing at the school. There are apparently warning signs posted in various locations on campus that designate certain entry ways for authorized personnel only. The signs, which are red and black, also state that entry requires use of protective clothing and respiratory equipment.

Those reading the warning signs on the Cornell University campus may also notice warnings that asbestos causes lung damage and cancer. As per the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, all schools and public companies are required to regularly test asbestos levels in their facilities. Many Cornell students say they are worried about the possible health risks associated with being on campus while active asbestos removal projects are taking place.

If a person suffers illness from asbestos exposure on a college campus in South Carolina or elsewhere, it may be months or years before a formal diagnosis is given. Such situations can be very stressful, and most people need outside support to help them get the care they need. Part of that care often includes legal assistance to seek recovery for their losses in court. Compensation awarded by the court for damages can be used to help offset medical bills and other expenses associated with an asbestos-related illness.

Source: cornellsun.com, “Cornell Asbestos Abatement Projects Strive to Remove Carcinogen from Campus“, Amanda H. Cronin, Accessed on March 15, 2018

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