Woman’s lung cancer diagnosis linked to asbestos exposure

Many people already understand that exposure to asbestos can cause victims to develop the deadly cancer mesothelioma. But what about other serious health effects? One woman points to asbestos exposure as the root cause behind her lung cancer diagnosis.

The woman — who does not live in South Carolina — and her husband filed a suit over the May 2018 diagnosis. While they believe that repeated and routine exposure to asbestos caused her to develop lung cancer, they do not believe that a single company or manufacturer was responsible. Instead, their suit cites over 40 defendants who allegedly manufactured or sold products containing asbestos.

The exposure apparently began when the wife first went to work back in 1969, when she was routinely exposed to many different products that caused her to unknowingly inhale asbestos fibers. According to their claim, the named defendants intentionally used asbestos in their products despite knowing that asbestos fibers are extremely toxic. They also accused the defendants of failing to provide consumers with adequate warnings regarding the potentially fatal side effects from using their products. It is not clear if her employers ever provided any information regarding asbestos safety, either.

Together they are seeking compensation in excess of $50,000. It is not uncommon for a South Carolina victim and his or her spouse to initiate a claim together. This is largely because the surviving spouse is also impacted by the devastating effects of asbestos exposure, including the financial impact of losing a partner as well as emotional trauma.

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