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Many South Carolina residents know how it feels to suffer from ill-health without having definite answers as to underlying causes of their conditions. Sometimes, people suffer symptoms for months or even years before medical professionals are able to correctly diagnose their problems. Sadly, for those who worked in factories, shipyards, steel mills or construction-related jobs, such diagnoses often includes phrases, such as mesothelioma or asbestosis. When a person suffers from a deadly illness caused by inhaling or ingesting microscopic fibers on the job, it often leads to asbestos litigation.

Many corporate employers and manufacturers have been aware of the dangers of asbestos since the early 1900s. One would think such knowledge would be used to help keep workers safe. Unfortunately, the opposite was often the case, with employers and product makers trying to conceal such information for fear it would lead to less available workers, less production and decreased profits.

While there are stringent regulations in place regarding asbestos products nowadays, the effects of exposure incidents are still vastly prevalent. In fact, many people exposed to asbestos decades ago in their workplaces have only recently been able to obtain proper diagnoses of their conditions. This is because the symptoms of many asbestos-related illnesses are usually not immediately apparent.

Ingested microscopic fibers become lodged inside a person’s respiratory, intestinal or cardiac tract, then fester for months or years until resulting infection or cancer reaches its advanced stages and symptoms are present. Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC, in South Carolina, is fully prepared to act on your behalf inĀ asbestos litigation. With knowledge based on extensive trial experience, we can help you identify those who may be liable for the damages you have incurred, then request that the court hold any and all parties deemed responsible legally accountable for their negligence.

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