Lung cancer patient files asbestos exposure lawsuit

South Carolina residents currently suffering adverse health conditions they believe are related to workplace toxins may want to follow an ongoing case in another state. It involves a married couple who have filed a legal claim against several parties. The claim states that the man’s lung cancer is directly related to repeated asbestos exposure during the normal course of his work duties in a 50-year career.

The claim asserts that various companies should be held legally accountable for negligence because they failed to exercise appropriate caution to keep people using or exposed to their products safe. The man has been diagnosed with lung cancer believed to have been caused by repeated asbestos exposure. He claims he ingested the dangerous, microscopic fibers each time he was near products manufactured, distributed or installed by the defendants.

Many people in South Carolina can relate to the financial hardship the man says he experienced when medical bills started rolling in regarding his cancer treatments. He is and his wife are seeking $50,000 or more in compensatory damages. As do most people planning to navigate the civil justice system, the plaintiffs in this case have hired attorneys to represent them in court.

The dangers associated with asbestos exposure are well-known in South Carolina and throughout the nation. Any employer, manufacturer, sales distributor or other party who knowingly places consumers or workers in harm’s way without proper notification or training, as appropriate in a given situation, may be financially responsible for negligence when workers or consumers suffer serious injuries as a result. It makes sense to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before filing an asbestos-related claim because the laws regarding such matters are highly complex and stress associated with litigation may be lessened when acting alongside skilled guidance.

Source: madisonrecord.com, “Couple claims husband’s cancer caused by asbestos exposure“, Lhalie Castillo, April 15, 2018

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