Asbestos litigation settlement achieved by Colgate-Palmolive

A woman in another state suffered adverse health effects that included mesothelioma, an incurable lung disease. She claimed her condition was caused by asbestos contained in talcum products made by Colgate-Palmolive company. The situation led to asbestos litigation that was recently settled to avoid a trial. There may be South Carolina readers currently facing similar legal challenges.

Colgate-Palmolive is not the first company to be accused of failing to warn customers about potential asbestos hazards associated with its products. In fact, talcum product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has faced more than 5,500 claims regarding ovarian cancers in women who say they acquired their diseases from using talcum powders made by the company. Nearly 200 of those cases list asbestos exposure as possible causes for ovarian cancer.

Every situation is unique and various factors may impact whether parties choose to settle or go to trial. For instance, a woman in California was awarded $13 million after the court determined that her mesothelioma was caused by 20 years of using a Colgate-Palmolive product. The company was ordered to pay the amount for failing to properly warn her of the potential asbestos hazards related to the powder. The company agreed to confidentially settle the case rather than appeal.

Colgate-Palmolive has remained quiet regarding the details of the most recent settlement involving the woman from Pennsylvania. Anyone in South Carolina considering asbestos litigation may want to consult with an experienced injury attorney who has successfully represented others in similar situations. This type of alliance often helps injured victims obtain the most favorable outcomes possible in court.

Source: insurancejournal.com, “Colgate-Palmolive Settles Asbestos Claim Linked to Its Talc“, Margaret Cronin Fisk, Jef Feeley, Nov. 13, 2017

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