Conflicting findings regarding asbestos exposure from baby powder

When a South Carolina parent buys a product for his or her child, there is the assumption that the product will be safe to use and not cause any harm, injury or illness. Over the last few weeks, reports about the possibility of asbestos exposure due to Johnson & Johnson baby powder products has caused major concern for consumers. In response, there was a major recall of this product.

Initial testing of the one bottle of the product has found that there was evidence of trace amounts of asbestos in the powder. However, Johnson & Johnson says that the newest tests reveal there is none to be found in the recalled product. This can be confusing for those who simply want to know if the product is safe or if their child could be facing the possibility of illness because of a product marketed to parents.

The company says it has done multiple tests through at least two outside companies, and the recalled product had nothing harmful in it. Currently, the company is also dealing with litigation over baby talcum powder. Plaintiffs claim that the product contained asbestos, eventually leading to the development of certain types of cancer. While there have been several substantial verdicts against the company, many have been overturned or are currently being appealed.

Asbestos exposure from consumer products is likely grounds for legal action. If a South Carolina person believes that he or she is the victim of this type of harmful exposure, that individual will find it beneficial to take quick action to learn about the legal options available. It may be possible to bring a civil claim against the manufacturer or join ongoing litigation.

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