Military families worried about asbestos exposure

Living the military life is not easy. Between deployments and frequent moves, active military members and their families have enough on their plates to worry about. The possibility of dealing with asbestos exposure in their own homes probably seemed far-fetched, but it is now the reality that many are facing. The contractor accused of exposing military families to asbestos operates in multiple states, including South Carolina.

Balfour Beatty is one of the largest housing contractors for the military, and its records show that the company does a pretty good job in that regard. However, a joint investigation by CBS News and Reuters uncovered some horrifying news — Balfour Beatty was falsifying its data from at least one of its base locations in an effort to secure larger bonuses. According to an FBI investigation, the company prioritized making it appear as though problems were addressed quickly rather than actually fixing housing issues, such asĀ dangerous asbestos flooring.

One family said they were living in a home that was not only in poor condition, but that also had asbestos-filled tiles. A technician who responded to a maintenance call for a leak at the home reported to superiors that the family’s infant could become sick after chewing on the damaged floor tiles. However, the child’s parents were never given that information. Additionally, the records regarding that maintenance call were also falsified and showed that a technician was sent out and the leak fixed within 20 minutes of the call. The actual repairs apparently took much longer.

Prioritizing profits and bonuses over the health of tenants is a disturbing act that can have lifelong implications for victims. Asbestos exposure is extremely harmful to humans, and anyone from infants to the elderly can end up developing serious medical issues as a result. Cancers such as mesothelioma and lung cancer are common, and the resulting medical bills and related lost wages can be financially devastating. Victims living in South Carolina may choose to address those financial damages as well as physical and emotional pain and suffering through civil suits, which can hold negligent parties responsible for their actions.

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