First three Abilify gambling cases settle

In April, the makers of Abilify settled the first three bellwether cases that were scheduled to go to trial this past June.

Judge M. Casey Rodgers also ordered both sides to begin work on the framework for a global settlement for the nearly 2,000 other Abilify cases pending in the Northern District of Florida. The deadline for the lawyers to report back is September 2018.

People who developed the compulsion to gamble or excessively shop while taking Abilify should contact us immediately to begin a free case review. Because statutes of limitation dictate how quickly a lawsuit must be filed, there is a very short period of time to file a claim. Depending on where you live, that window to file may have even closed.

RPWB attorneys represent Abilify users throughout the country who compulsively gambled or shopped. For more information, give us a call at 1-888-872-4086.

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