University in South Carolina reports asbestos exposure risk

In South Carolina and all states, university officials are obligated to do whatever they can to keep students, faculty and visitors to their campuses as safe as possible. Carolina Coastal University recently announced that it has temporarily shut down its auditorium due to an asbestos exposure risk. Administrators say all events scheduled to take place in the auditorium are being canceled, postponed or moved to other venues.

The stage in the auditorium contains a fire curtain that is apparently quite old. Annual operational testing is done on it to ensure that it’s in good working order. The curtain was also tested for asbestos, which showed that it did indeed contain low concentrations of the material.

Further testing was conducted that involved lowering and raising the curtain from the stage several times. The stage itself was then wiped for samples that were also tested for asbestos. Administrators were dismayed to learn that the stage tested positive for potentially dangerous microscopic particles that are known to cause infectious and even fatal diseases if ingested or inhaled.

Officials were quick to report that the air quality level in the auditorium tested below the levels set as high risk by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. To be safe, however, they ordered the auditorium closed until the fire curtain can be replaced and asbestos properly removed from the premises. Many older schools, factories, work areas and even homes in South Carolina present asbestos exposure risks for employees, homeowners and others. Those who wish to discuss the legal implications of a particular matter may request a meeting with an experienced asbestos litigation attorney.

Source: wpde.com, “CCU auditorium closed ‘until further notice’ after asbestos found“, Accessed on April 17, 2018

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