Victim of asbestos exposure awarded $8.4 million for damages

In South Carolina, asbestos is far from a problem of the past. People who attend school in old buildings or work in industries that still use asbestos can easily come into contact with the substance. Asbestos exposure at any level can be dangerous, and health problems may develop many years later.

A man who developed pleural mesothelioma after decades working in the auto industry claimed that he was routinely exposed to asbestos during his career. He worked at multiple car dealerships for Lincoln, Mercury and Ford from the 1960s through the 1980s. He says the sources of the exposure were things like gaskets, clutches, brakes and replacement parts for OEM.

After his diagnosis, he filed a lawsuit for his asbestos-related injuries, which went to trial in early Aug. 2019. The trial lasted less than two weeks, and he was awarded $8.433 million for his injuries and damages. Since he is still undergoing treatment for his fatal cancer, he was unable to appear in court when the verdict was read, although a loved one stood in on his behalf.

Compensation for victims of asbestos exposure is extremely important. Medical bills for mesothelioma treatment can quickly pile up, and many victims either have to leave work or are already living on fixed, limited incomes. This is on top of the emotional damage physical pain and suffering of living with a fatal disease. Pursuing a civil suit against South Carolina employers, manufacturers and other responsible parties is often the most effective solution for victims to pursue the compensation they need.

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