Asbestos exposure a concern for South Carolina parents, others

Most parents of preteens and teenagers in South Carolina and beyond have heard of or have visited Claire’s and/or Justice jewelry stores. Bangles, earrings, cool clothing and cosmetics are all available. However, news headlines say consumers may also be getting something else with their purchases: asbestos exposure.

Both stores sell cosmetics, including glittery powders, eye-shadow and other products meant to be applied directly onto the skin. Last year, asbestos, a dangerous combination of microscopic fibers, was found in Justice’s shimmer powder products. More recently, an entire line of cosmetic products at Claire’s reportedly tested positive for asbestos; the store has denied the claim but has pulled all products in question from its shelves while an investigation continues.

A senior vice president for an environmental group stated that companies are still permitted to manufacture goods containing asbestos for sale throughout the nation. The rule is that the level of asbestos must be less than 1 percent. This may surprise many consumers, especially parents of children who use cosmetics, since no level of exposure to asbestos is thought to be safe.

A spokesperson for a website that advocates for nontoxic health and beauty products said total label transparency is needed in the United States, so consumers can make informed decisions about the cosmetics and other products they are using on their bodies. Any parent, worker or consumer in South Carolina who wishes to discuss a particular asbestos exposure problem can reach out for support. Such situations often lead to litigation when people contract serious illnesses in connection with asbestos exposure and certain parties are deemed responsible for their suffering.

Source: goop.com, “Asbestos in Makeup For Kids Is Legal-and Totally Happening in this Country“, Accessed on April 21, 2018

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