Illegal storage sites and asbestos exposure

There are strict rules regarding removing and disposing of asbestos, and they exist for a reason. When disturbed, asbestos particles can easily be released into the air. Inhaling those particles is extremely dangerous, so minimizing the chance of exposure is a good idea. Unfortunately, most people in South Carolina do not even realize they suffered asbestos exposure until they develop related health conditions, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

An out-of-state businessman is currently facing criminal contempt for illegally storing asbestos on his personal property. According to those involved in this situation, the illegal storage site is a health threat to both the environment and the general public. This is not a new problem, though. Authorities first discovered the situation back in 2014. It is unclear how long he had been dumping asbestos on his property prior to then.

In 2014, the property owner was hit with a $32,000 fine and told that he must remove the asbestos and other waste products from his property, including a trailer the size of 100 cubic yards that was stuffed full of asbestos. However, the man ignored the fines as well as the order to remediate his property. Instead, he continued to use his property as a storage site, adding additional asbestos and other waste over the years.

Asbestos exposure is usually associated with old buildings, automobile parts and even roofing materials. While this carcinogen can indeed be found in these and many other consumer products, it could also be lurking in other places where it should not be. Improperly maintained or even illegal storage sites in South Carolina could be causing serious health problems for nearby residents. If after being diagnosed with mesothelioma a person is unsure where he or she might have suffered from asbestos exposure, a lawyer experienced in handling related civil claims could offer advice on options for legal recourse.

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