Town has plans to overcome asbestos exposure problems

South Carolina contains many old buildings, from libraries to schools, churches and even some homes. A continuing problem that often arises in such structures has to do with risks associated with possible asbestos exposure. A town in another state is facing current issues and has developed a potential plan to resolve the problem.

The town recently conducted an asbestos abatement experiment on an 800 square foot home in the area. This particular residence had been condemned. It also was known to contain asbestos. When officials estimated how much it would cost to eliminate asbestos danger in the home, the total estimated price exceeded $50,000.

This apparently prompted a plan to develop a specialized asbestos abatement team. The plan would include training various employees of the town in proper asbestos removal skills. Due to the known health-related dangers regarding exposure to the microscopic particles in asbestos products, the regulations and laws that pertain to removal of asbestos from homes or buildings are very stringent.

If a worker does not receive proper training or is not fully informed regarding existing asbestos and possible health risks due to asbestos exposure, there may be lasting repercussions. Anyone in South Carolina suffering asbestos-related illness may wish to discuss the issue with an experienced attorney if he or she is thinking about filing a legal claim. Asbestos litigation is often a means to obtain compensation for damages suffered after being exposed to asbestos on the job. It’s a complicated process that is best undertaken with the help of an experienced litigator.

Source:¬†theheraldtimes.com, “Town, county consider implementing asbestos abatement program“, Jennifer Hill, Nov. 3, 2017

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