Construction worker blames lung cancer on asbestos exposure

Most people in South Carolina know that inhaling asbestos can lead to developing the deadly cancer mesothelioma. Less common knowledge, however, is that asbestos exposure can also cause other serious health issues. One woman claims that her lung cancer is theĀ result of decades of exposure to asbestos, and she is seeking compensation for her injuries.

The woman was formerly employed in the construction industry between the years 1954 and 2000. Over these decades, she says that she was routinely put in contact with asbestos fibers, which she both inhaled and ingested. Apparently, at no point, did she receive adequate warnings or safety training regarding handling these items. All of this exposure allegedly culminated in a lung cancer diagnosis in May 2017.

Her suit claims that her lung cancer was wrongfully caused by the businesses that manufactured, distributed and sold those asbestos-laden items she handled throughout the course of her career. She names several responsible companies in her suit, including General Electric and Union Carbide Corp. According to her claim, the named companies understood that their products had asbestos and that the substance was toxic to humans, but they failed to adequately warn consumers of the danger.

She is seeking compensation for compensatory damages in excess of $50,000, and she is also asking for punitive damages as well as anything else that the court may deem appropriate. These types of payouts are often essential for South Carolina asbestos exposure victims. The resulting compensation from these suits typically goes toward medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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