Teachers may be concerned with this asbestos exposure situation

When South Carolina schools reopen to students and faculty each year, it’s typically assumed that school administrators have checked to make sure school buildings and surrounding premises are safe. Officials in another state have issued an urgent statement that has many teachers and families gravely concerned regarding an apparent asbestos exposure incident that occurred while maintenance was going on at the school. School administrators say they’re doing all they can to be forthright and quick-acting to keep their staff and student-body as safe as possible.

The accident happened when a maintenance worker was using a sanding machine in one of the school’s classrooms. It was reportedly already known that the tile flooring in the room contained asbestos. The worker’s intent was to sand a wax coating that was covering the asbestos-laden tiles; however, in the process of carrying out his duties, the sander allegedly bore through the wax coating into the asbestos layers of tile thus releasing the potentially dangerous microscopic particles of asbestos into the air.

To make matters worse, several faculty members are said to have entered the room after the hazardous incident took place. The school district is aware of the situation and has launched immediate efforts to properly clean the room and seal the floor. Since symptoms of asbestos-related illnesses often do not appear for many years after exposure, it is difficult to tell whether any of the teachers who entered the room will suffer adverse health conditions due to the incident.

Asbestos exposure is a problem in many aging South Carolina buildings. Anyone working in such areas should make sure to receive proper training regarding the potential hazards associated with asbestos. Someone wishing to discuss a particular asbestos-related situation may request a meeting with an attorney experienced in asbestos litigation.

Source: theworldlink.com, “Asbestos exposure puts six Coos Bay School District staff members at risk“, Jillian Ward, Sept. 1, 2017

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