Are you concerned for your health because of asbestos exposure?

There are many employment situations in South Carolina that are hazardous to human health. For instance, janitors often use cleaning supplies that contain dangerous chemicals that are potentially hazardous to their health. Some workers repeatedly undergo asbestos exposure, which can wind up causing serious health problems, the symptoms of which may not show up for years.

There’s an inflammatory condition that affects lungs caused by multiple exposures to asbestos over long periods of time. When this occurs, those who suffer often experience permanent lung damage. Those in such situations often feel overwhelmed, afraid and unsure where to turn for help.

Asbestos is used in many products associated with fireproofing, insulation and other items where heat resistance and durability are needed. Those who work in textile mills, oil refineries and shipyards are often at high risk for exposure. Over time, they can ingest or swallow these microscopic particles, thus setting the stage for illness to occur.  Many people have gone on to file legal claims to seek compensation for damages when their lives have been devastated by asbestos exposure.

In fact, Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC often represents people who choose litigation as a means to seek legal accountability against those deemed responsible for their illnesses. We are fully committed to helping you obtain justice. We believe so strongly in the process that we do not charge any fees until you obtain monetary recovery for your losses in court. If you would like to discuss a particular asbestos exposure situation in South Carolina, you may request a meeting by accessing the online contact form available on our website.

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