Mesothelioma-causing asbestos found in more makeup products

There is really no ambiguity when it comes to the health risks associated with asbestos, which is why the carcinogen has been banned in a number of countries. Despite this, asbestos is still used in some products in the United States. However, the dangerous substance is showing up in far more places than the construction and manufacturing industries, which people might most closely associate with asbestos and the related cancer mesothelioma. A recent round of testing by the Food and Drug Administration found that not one but two companies were selling contaminated makeup products that could cause asbestos exposure for both women and young girls in South Carolina.

The FDA has an ongoing procedure for testing cosmetics for asbestos contamination. In a recent round of testing, the FDA identified a contour palette sold by Beauty Plus Global as well as a popular child’s makeup kit sold at Claire’s, a store geared toward young girls, both of which have since been recalled. However, this is not the first time that Claire’s has had to recall makeup items marketed to children. In early 2019, Claire’s had to pull three makeup and cosmetics products off its shelves after FDA discovered asbestos. Asbestos contamination in children’s cosmetics has been a public issue for Claire’s as far back as 2017.

While Claire’s did recall the most recent dangerous product, it is unclear just how seriously the company is taking the matter. It recently released a statement that it not only upholds the safety of its products, but also pointed out that some countries even find trace amounts of asbestos in children’s products to be acceptable. The World Health Organization says that no level of asbestos can be considered safe.

Diseases related to asbestos exposure are often linked to South Carolina workers who spent years in construction or manufacturing, but the problem is far more widespread. Even small amounts of exposure can lead to devastating health effects later on in life. Mesothelioma victims may wonder how they will address their ongoing medical bills and other financial damages from their injuries, and it may be reassuring to know that there are options, including pursuing legal action against negligent companies and manufacturers who cause the exposure in the first place.

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