Johnson & Johnson held liable in asbestos exposure lawsuit

For more than two months, a court in another state has been hearing arguments in a case regarding one man’s illness. Approximately two years ago, the man was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer often caused by asbestos exposure with which many South Carolina residents are familiar. In this case, the man sought compensation for damages against Johnson & Johnson, claiming its talcum powder products placed him in harm’s way and his illness is directly related to using the products from 1972 through the early 2000s.

While mesothelioma often attacks the lungs, it can also be found in the abdomen or heart as well. In most cases, the underlying cause is ingestion of microscopic fibers contained in asbestos products. The man in this situation says he used Johnson & Johnson’s talcum products for years and alleges it is the primary cause of his cancer.

The jury voted to award the man $30 million and also for his wife to receive $7 million in compensation for damages she suffered as a result of her husband’s illness. A spokesman for Johnson & Johnson adamantly stated that the company’s talc products do not contain asbestos. The spokesman said the company is extremely disappointed with the court’s decision to hold it accountable for 70 percent of the damages listed in the claim.

While this was not the first time Johnson & Johnson has been sued regarding asbestos exposure and its talcum products, it is first time a court has ruled against the company in a trial concerning these issues. Many South Carolina residents are concerned about asbestos-related incidents. Those who believe they have grounds for filing a legal claim may wish to speak with an attorney experienced in asbestos litigation.

Source: USA Today, “Johnson & Johnson hit with $37M verdict in asbestos-related cancer lawsuit“, Dave Schatz, April 6, 2018

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