Demolition site cited for second asbestos exposure violation

People in South Carolina might associate large implosions and wrecking balls with building demolitions. These are not the only options, especially when it comes to buildings that contain asbestos. Demolition may take place over much longer periods of time, such as an out-of-state project that has been going on for at least two years. Unfortunately, it is possible that asbestos exposure to workers and the surrounding area has taken place several times during this time.

Before the most recent violation, the company in charge of the demolition had already been cited for an asbestos abatement violation at the beginning of 2019. The first violation was for the improper removal of metal siding that contained asbestos, although it does not appear as if the business was fined. Instead, it was strongly encouraged to address the violations and then provide a written response by no later than Dec. 16.

The most recent violation is in regard to visible emissions from the demolition site. Airborne asbestos fibers are extremely dangerous, so there should not be any dust or other materials released into the air. Officials from an environmental and energy agency in that state later showed up at the demolition site to observe the process. The crew used water to reduce the risk of airborne particles during the observation, but this does not mean that they did so before.

The company was also cited for several other violations that were not related to asbestos, but this may show an ongoing disregard for safety. There is no room for such lax safety standards when demolishing older buildings that contain asbestos in South Carolina. In fact, disregard for those factors can harm everyone in the vicinity and the surrounding environment. Since asbestos exposure frequently causes victims to develop fatal cancers, documenting known instances of exposure is a very good idea. Those who are not sure what other options they have might find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney.

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