Grand Jury Investigations

When the Grand Jury calls, you need experienced legal counsel

For an individual or entity, there is no more consequential a legal process then a federal or state grand jury investigation. It is a critical period of time for a person who finds themselves in the position of being a target or subject of a grand jury. Criminal liability may increase or be mitigated depending upon how this process is navigated.

Grand juries have broad investigative powers, including the ability to subpoena documents and/or witnesses before them. Whether responding to a grand jury subpoena for documents or testimony, how the process is handled will impact whether charges are ultimately sought.

The laws and rules surrounding grand jury investigations are complex and difficult to navigate. Engaging an attorney who is familiar with grand jury investigations is of monumental importance during this critical stage of a criminal investigation.

RPWB has two former federal prosecutors who have practiced extensively in this area. Will Lewis and Gordon Rhea are experienced white-collar criminal defense attorneys who have handled all aspects of grand jury investigations on both the prosecution and defense side.

As a former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina, Will Lewis has led federal grand jury investigations running the full spectrum of criminal charges, including public corruption, healthcare fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax evasion, human trafficking, narcotics and violent crime. He has litigated issues involving grand jury practice from indictment, through trial, and appeal.

Gordon Rhea is a skilled criminal defense trial attorney with more than 40 years of experience defending people accused of crimes. He serves as private counsel to clients that include prominent business people, judges and other highly-placed officials. He is a veteran of hundreds of trials, appeals and sentencings throughout the United States. Prior to entering private practice, Gordon served as a special assistant to a United States Senate Investigating Committee and as an Assistant United States Attorney in Washington D.C., and the United States Virgin Islands.

If you or your business receive a grand jury subpoena or target letter, contact Will Lewis or Gordon Rhea to represent your interests and rights through the grand jury process.

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