Keytruda is a promising treatment option for mesothelioma patients

Mesothelioma is difficult to treat. Traditional treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Advancements in treatment are not often made. Those diagnosed with mesothelioma often feel limited in their treatment options.

But an immunotherapy drug is showing promising results for those diagnosed with mesothelioma as well as those diagnosed with lung cancer.

Keytruda (pembrolizumab) allows the immune system to work by blocking the protective mechanisms that are produced by cancer cells.

PD-1 is a protein that is formed in tumors in both lung cancer and mesothelioma patients. Among mesothelioma patients, 72.4% were found to have cells that overexpress PD-1. This is an issue because PD-1 blocks the immune system from detecting cancer cells.

Keytruda works by stopping PD-1 from forming. When combined with other drugs used to treat mesothelioma, many patients showed positive results both in survival and progression-free survival: 76 percent of patients responded, and approximately 25 percent experienced a reduction in tumor size.

Doctors are reacting positively to the results. And since Keytruda has already gained FDA approval, treatment does not have to be delayed.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of this drug when combined with other chemotherapy drugs for treating mesothelioma. In short, Keytruda allows the immune system to better do its job.

Mesothelioma patients: Talk to your doctor to find out if Keytruda is a good option for you.

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