Mesothelioma rare and potentially deadly

Is it possible to be walking around with a potentially deadly disease raging inside one’s body without the person affected even knowing it? The answer is undoubtedly yes, as many who suffer from Mesothelioma may attest. The signs and symptoms of this disease vary, reportedly depending on where in the body the disease originates. South Carolina readers may be interested in this information.

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that generally affects the abdomen, lungs and/or heart. In some male patients, the first notice they have that they may have contracted this disease is a mass growing on the testicles or swelling in the area surrounding. A common factor among most people suffering from some form of Mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

Other symptoms that may prompt someone to seek medical attention and ask about this disease include abdominal swelling, shortness of breath, painful coughing and/or unexplained weight loss. Basically, it’s always a good idea to visit a doctor if any signs of possible adverse health conditions are present. However, even if no visible signs of illness occur, if a person is simply not feeling right and can’t put his or her finger on why, it never hurts to seek medical assistance.

For those exposed to asbestos in the workplace, Mesothelioma may be a great cause for concern. Some people have pursued consultation with attorneys experienced in litigating situations involving such details, in order to discuss options that might be available to them through the legal system. A good first step to take if considering litigation in South Carolina is to document all signs and symptoms of the disease, as well as any events leading up to one’s current circumstances that may impact the outcome of a particular case.

Source: mayoclinic.org, “Symptoms“, Accessed on June 22, 2017

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