Airport workers told to get tested for possible asbestos exposure

Those who work in South Carolina airports know that it’s not uncommon for construction projects to take place at such locations. Ongoing construction projects pose certain safety risks to airport employees, construction workers themselves, and any passenger or visitor passing through an airport as well. In another state, concerns have been raised regarding construction that took place at a particular airport last year; many workers now fear they suffered¬†asbestos exposure.

A chief operating officer for the airport stated the company is aware of the situation and remains entirely committed to the safety of its employees. However, workers initially reported their concerns after claiming employers ignored their complaints regarding fear of exposure to asbestos during the construction project. In fact, workers say they had gone to employers with their concerns a full eight months before employers officially warned all workers about the possible risks of exposure.

At least 120 employees were affected by the situation. Airport management says it has already implemented changes to improve its safety practices when construction projects are scheduled to take place. The spokeswoman for the airport said the company acknowledges a need for improvement and has encouraged all workers to get medically tested in relation to this situation.

Asbestos exposure is associated with potentially fatal illnesses. The substance is most dangerous when it is in the air and is breathed in or ingested over extended periods of time. Whether someone has been exposed to asbestos at a South Carolina airport or in another working capacity, he or she should know that support is available, especially if a particular situation leads to litigation.

Source:¬†kxan.com, “ABIA outlines latest response to asbestos exposure in public meeting“, Kylie Mcgivern, David Barer, July 11, 2017

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