Where does your job lie on asbestos exposure risk lists?

Dangers associated with asbestos have been well known for a long time now. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee all workers and homeowners from potential asbestos exposure risks, however, as many people (including some in South Carolina) continue to live and work in high-risk zones. To be as fully informed as possible, it’s helpful to research what types of jobs are most dangerous when it comes to asbestos-related injuries and illnesses.

Asbestos is often used in brake linings and clutch mechanisms of automobiles, thus placing auto mechanics at great risk for injury. Construction workers, especially drywall installers, are also reportedly at risk for possible illness related to asbestos at higher rates than the general population. Railroad workers, miners and even teachers (especially those using art supplies containing asbestos) rank high on asbestos risk lists as well.

Asbestos is most dangerous when its microscopic particles are released into the air and then ingested by those nearby. However, it can also be extremely dangerous to be exposed to asbestos on a second-hand basis, such as when a family member who works near asbestos comes home wearing work clothes. The symptoms of such illnesses often do not present themselves for many months or years following initial exposures.

South Carolina residents who work in or live with someone who works in shipyards, factories, plumbing or public service jobs, such as firefighting, are among those throughout the nation at greatest risk for asbestos exposure illnesses. When diagnoses are made, patients are often already in the late stages of their conditions. An experienced personal injury attorney can be an important asset to those in asbestos-related situations who wish to pursue compensation for damages caused by other parties’ negligence.

Source: asbestosnetwork.com, “Asbestos High-Risk Occupations“, Accessed on Feb. 19, 2018

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