Welder blames former employer for asbestos exposure

Working with or around asbestos is dangerous, and South Carolina employers should always be certain that they provide workers with the proper safety gear, training and knowledge to do so safely. Sadly, many workplaces conceal this type of important information, leaving workers in the dark about their situation. Many are not even aware that they experienced asbestos exposure until they develop the deadly health effects.

An out of-state-man is suing his former employer, blaming the company for his current sickness. Starting in 1965, he spent 40 years working for the company Irby’s Steel. He left the company in 2005, and in 2016 received his diagnosis — lung cancer. And not just any lung cancer, but one that is linked to asbestos exposure.

According to his lawsuit, he was routinely exposed to asbestos fibers in the air while carrying out his work duties. Irby’s Steel allegedly knew that many of the products used by its workers contained asbestos, but failed to act responsibly. The welder says he never received adequate warning about the asbestos and was never given instructions on how to protect himself from asbestos fibers.

When workers in South Carolina develop mesothelioma, lung cancer or other serious medical conditions because of their employer’s negligence, they can take action. A successful suit might not undo the damage caused by asbestos exposure, but it can provide necessary financial compensation for related medical bills, lost wages and any pain and suffering. These types of claims can also be effective at forcing companies to enact better safety precautions, which protect future workers.

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