Hundreds of students displaced after asbestos exposure

Students and parents alike tend to expect schools to be safe places that are free from serious threats and risks. Sadly, this is not always the case. Older school buildings can pose various dangers, especially when poor upkeep contributes to things like hidden mold or dangerous stairwells. Another hidden risk in many old schools? The possibility of asbestos exposure.

Following the discovery of asbestos, students at a school in a state outside of South Carolina have been displaced for approximately one month. The problem began during Feb. 2019, when the school announced that asbestos-contaminated plaster had been breached during construction work. It is not clear when the breach occurred, but the school acted quickly to move its students and staff once the problem was discovered.

Hundreds of students and staff members moved into a makeshift space. The school initially told students and their parents that the move was a temporary matter that would probably last only a few weeks. A recent announcement that students will remain in the temporary space until the end of the school year apparently has some parents on edge, with some possibly wondering if the problem is much more serious than a bit of breached plaster.

Asbestos exposure is commonly known to be dangerous and potentially fatal. Victims can develop serious health issues like mesothelioma years or even decades down the line. Receiving such a diagnosis can be devastating for South Carolina victims, but many find that pursuing compensation from negligent parties can help them address the mental, physical and financial burden of such an illness.

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