Textured paint may create asbestos exposure risk

Many South Carolina dwellings contain health hazards due to types of paint or other products used to decorate. In fact, some homes that contain paint from the 1980s, or earlier, place residents and visitors at risk for asbestos exposure. This can pose a complicated legal situation if residents of an apartment or other complex rent their homes, then contract asbestos-related illnesses because of paint or other materials used in the buildings.

This is what happened in another state where textured paint was used to create a decorating style known as popcorn ceilings. Sadly, there was a building fire in the apartment complex. In the aftermath of the incident building contractors reported that asbestos was found.

After contractors announced their findings, an asbestos removal process began. Removal occurred in a laundry room, community area and at least 27 apartments. Additional reports state that there are higher floor levels in the building that still contain asbestos. Surprisingly, even though the asbestos removal project has not yet been completed throughout the entire building, some residents have been allowed to move back into their apartments from which they had been displaced because of the fire.

One asbestos contractor working on the project said anyone living in a home that contains paint from the 1980s or older (and possibly some in the early 1990s) should think about having their residences tested for asbestos. There are currently thousands of people in South Carolina and many other states who suffer incurable illnesses because of asbestos exposure. Such situations often lead to litigation because employer or others’ negligence are often causal factors to asbestos-related diseases.

Source: actionnewsjax.com, “Popcorn ceilings were source of asbestos in Jacksonville Townhouse Apartments“, Jenna Bourne, March 12, 2018

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