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Office: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Phone: 843-727-6522
Toll Free: 888-293-6883
Fax: 843-727-6642
E-mail: cmarcum@rpwb.com

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Christiaan A. Marcum Member

Christiaan Marcum is a member of RPWB’s pharmaceutical litigation team who builds liability cases against pharmaceutical companies on behalf of consumers who suffered serious side effects that were not adequately disclosed by the manufacturer. He also serves on the firm’s Executive Committee.

A history lover at heart, he enjoys the search for the truth about what the company knew about the drug’s side effects, when it knew of them and when it alerted regulators, healthcare professionals or consumers about them.

Marcum, a native of Lexington, South Carolina, graduated with a history degree from the College of Charleston. He spent one year as a paralegal working on pharmaceutical cases with members of RPWB before attending law school.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law, Marcum clerked for the Honorable Kaye G. Hearn, who was at the time chief justice of the South Carolina Court of Appeals. For four years, Marcum litigated personal injury cases of all shapes and sizes at the law offices of Mark Tanenbaum, P.A. in Charleston, SC. In 2004, he joined RPWB.

Marcum spends a lot of time on the road conducting depositions of pharmaceutical industry employees, physicians and people harmed by drugs. His first day of work at RPWB was spent not in the office, but on a plane, and he’s since logged many more miles.

He and his wife have a daughter. The Marcum family supports several Charleston-area arts organizations.  Around the office, Marcum is known for his love of all things food-related, from fine dining to State Fair food, and his eclectic taste in music. He is always good for a restaurant recommendation. When away from work, he can often be found in a room at his house devoted to listening to all kinds of music (but with a definite tilt toward classic rock). He also is a frequent patron of Charleston’s live music venues.

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