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Our medical malpractice lawyers have a long track record of defending the rights of people who experienced negligent medical care from doctors, nurses, aides and pharmacists.

We prepare science-based cases in order to deliver the compensation that our clients need and deserve. Our staff is compassionate to the individual needs of those who entrust us to help. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

Medical Malpractice cases are typically a result of negligent or careless action or inaction by a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other licensed medical professional or health care provider that yields consequences of permanent disability, disease, disfigurement, and death.

All hospitals and medical workers have a duty to uphold appropriate standards of care with every patient they treat. Medical Malpractice arises from a breach of that duty, and most often involves:

  • Misdiagnoses
  • Failure to properly treat a condition
  • Faulty administration of a prescription drug
  • Failure to warn patient of potential dangers

All patients have the right to receive proper and reasonable care from hospitals, doctors, and nurses. RPWB’s medical malpractice attorneys know each case is unique and deserving of individual attention. If you or a member of your family has suffered from negligent medical errors made by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, please contact RPWB to discuss your legal options.

Pharmacies and pharmacists are critical members of the medical community whom we entrust with our health and our lives. While doctors may be responsible for diagnosing a disease and prescribing treatment, it is the role of a pharmacist to ensure that the patient receives the correct type and dosage of medication.

If a pharmacist fails to properly fill a prescription, the result can be injury or even death. When a pharmacist negligently fills a prescription, he or she may be liable for the resulting injury or death.

Claims for pharmacy liability generally arise when a pharmacy fails to uphold the proper standard of care when filling and dispensing prescription drugs. This can manifest in several harmful, and sometimes deadly, ways:

  • Giving the wrong drug to a patient
  • Filling an order in the wrong dosage amount
  • Failing to acknowledge a patient’s drug allergies
  • Failing to recognize and prevent potential drug-drug interactions
  • Failing to recognize and prevent potential drug-disease contraindications
  • Failing to recognize an incorrect dosage and take steps to avoid harm to the patient
  • Failing to properly counsel a patient regarding potential side-effects, risks and proper usage of a prescription medication

The attorneys at RPWB have taken on large, corporate pharmacies on behalf of our clients. If you or someone you love suffered serious personal injury or a loved one died because of pharmacy negligence, please contact one of RPWB’s pharmacy liability attorneys.

RPWB attorneys help people who have developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome and other forms of toxic epidermal necrolysis caused by medication. Up to 200 drugs can cause the life-threatening skin condition that begins with flu-like symptoms and then progresses to include lesions and ulcers.

Our attorneys and staff are compassionate and experienced. We have a long track-record of holding medical professionals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies accountable on behalf of patients who were harmed.

We work with patients and their families to put together an individual course of action that respects their unique needs. Contact us below for a free, no obligation case review.

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