Asbestos Property Damage

Harming property as well as people

The asbestos property damage attorneys of RPWB have years of experience recovering damages for those who have suffered property damage resulting from the removal of asbestos from their homes or places of business.

Unfortunately, asbestos was used commercially for many years after its carcinogenic traits were known. Despite knowledge about the serious health hazards of asbestos and the availability of non-hazardous substitutes, information developed through lawsuits against asbestos companies revealed that companies producing asbestos-containing products concealed and misrepresented this information.  They did so while promoting, using, and profiting from the use of asbestos in their products.

Regulation and your rights

Following public outcry in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the federal government began to implement laws and regulations governing the use, maintenance and disposal of asbestos and asbestos products. Warning labels were required on a number of products containing asbestos.

Two federal agencies have primary jurisdiction over asbestos-related issues:

However, none of these laws or regulations dictate compensation for those injured by asbestos or those who have seen the value of their property decline due to asbestos installation and subsequent remediation.

Asbestos companies put profits over people. Compensation for victims must be sought through the civil justice system. This is why having knowledgeable and experienced asbestos attorneys like those of RPWB’s asbestos property damage team, is critical in recovering damages for the losses you incurred as a result of asbestos being removed from your premises. If you have an older home insulated with “pour in” vermiculite insulation, you may be eligible for assistance with removal of that material that was often contaminated with asbestos. Our asbestos property damage staff can provide details on this anticipated compensation program.

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