Abusive Tax Shelters

Representing victims of abusive tax shelters

The tax shelter abuse attorneys at RPWB represent clients in litigation against promoters of abusive tax shelters in state and federal cases.

KPMG and other major accounting firms promoted and sold a large number of tax strategies the IRS has listed as abusive tax shelters.

The realities are:

  • Clients of the tax shelter promoters paid substantial fees for tax strategies that were represented as legitimate.
  • They now face severe tax liabilities as a consequence.
  • If you were sold tax reduction schemes that turned out to be abusive, you may have a claim against the promoter who sold the shelter.

RPWB attorneys are experienced in helping investors recover damages from promoters of abusive tax shelters.  If you believe you have suffered damages from having invested in an abusive tax shelter, please contact one of RPWB’s abusive tax shelter attorneys.

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Our Abusive Tax Shelter Attorneys

Jerry Hudson Evans
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