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The diagnosis is mesothelioma and not COPD or pneumonia after persistent flu-like systems would not go away. What happens now? Recently, we wrote some resources (a white paper and slide share summary) for patients and families facing this situation. They answer the below questions and more.

What causes mesothelioma? The only definitive one is asbestos exposure. Asbestos fibers are uniquely able to get past your body’s defense mechanisms because of their long, thin structure. The fibers lodge in tissues where they can cause scarring and eventually cause cancer to develop.

When over your career were you exposed? This is often the tough question to answer. A work history using various records along with interviews with co-workers and family can effectively put the pieces together to answer the where and when. What many may not recognize is that short-term exposure years ago or secondhand contact while laundering uniforms may be enough.

Reckless, negligent or knowing exposure

The law holds manufacturers responsible when they produce unreasonably dangerous products. But how do you put the law into action and get needed compensation to pay for expensive medical bills and protect your family

We recently wrote a white paper that is a comprehensive starting point for families: “Putting Together the Pieces: A Guide for Mesothelioma Patients and Their Families.” Peace of mind often comes from finding the right resources to help you through the process.

Your family focus will shift to finding the right medical care, but you cannot neglect to ask questions about your legal rights. Monetary compensation may be available depending on your situation.

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