Asbestos litigation: Johnson & Johnson faces another lawsuit

South Carolina consumers should feel confident that they are making safe purchases, but this is unfortunately more difficult than it seems. Companies are frequently more concerned with their own bottom lines than they are with the health and safety of their customers. Concerned over citizens’ safety, one state is engaging in asbestos litigation against Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson.

The attorney general for this Southwestern state filed a lawsuit against these two companies, citing their alleged knowledge of toxic substances in some of their consumer goods. That suit accuses both of these companies of aggressively marketing their products to minority groups — specifically African-American and Hispanic residents — despite having known for decades that their talc products were contaminated with asbestos. These two groups make up about 50% of the state’s population.

Not only did Johnson & Johnson allegedly misrepresent the safety of its talc-based baby powder and several other products, but it did so despite being fully aware of the implications. In a document that outlined the marketing strategy for that state, the company fully acknowledged that talc negatively impacts communities’ health and is linked to cancer. The attorney general who filed the suit also claims that Johnson & Johnson still misrepresents the toxic nature of its talc products.

Some companies seem to feel as if consumer safety does not matter so long as they are turning profits. This dangerous approach to business jeopardizes the health and well being of everyone in South Carolina. For those who have developed mesothelioma, lung cancer or other diseases because of dangerous products, it is possible to seek compensation through asbestos litigation.

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    What you should know about asbestos litigation in South Carolina

    Maybe you never imagined that you would develop mesothelioma or another type of asbestos-related disease, but that does not change the fact that you did. You understand just how difficult it is to live with one of these diseases. On top of pain and suffering, you may have a diminished quality of life and hefty medical bills you are struggling to pay. If you need help getting compensation for your injuries and are ready to pursue asbestos litigation in South Carolina, here is what you can expect.

    Before you file your lawsuit, you need to decide who to name as the defendant or defendants. If you were exposed to asbestos at work, you will probably include your employer. Asbestos exposure can also occur in the home, and if you were renting your landlord or leasing agent could also be responsible. Asbestos manufacturers, installers and companies that irresponsibly used asbestos are also commonly named in these types of lawsuits.

    Figuring out who to name in a lawsuit is not as easy as it may seem. Even if you know that you were exposed at work, you will need to prove who was involved with manufacturing or even using the asbestos. This can be a difficult task since patients suffering from mesothelioma were usually exposed to asbestos years or even decades before getting sick.

    Uncovering details from the past several decades can be a long, difficult process, so you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney. He or she can not only help you name the correct defendants, but wil also help you lay out your case, determine compensation to claim and file a complaint on your behalf. You can learn more about the asbestos litigation process in South Carolina by visiting our website.

    Our Experienced Lawyers