Elmiron Vision Loss Lawsuit

Elmiron linked to vision loss, blindness

RPWB attorneys are investigating cases in which people suffered maculopathy or other serious vision problems from using Elmiron, a drug widely prescribed for the bladder condition interstitial cystisis.

Recent studies show that Elmiron is toxic to the retina, tissue at the back of the eye that picks up light and allows us to see. A 2019 study of patients at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California found that one-quarter of patients taking Elmiron suffered vision loss. Subsequent studies have confirmed that Elmiron can damage eyesight.

Elmiron users who suffer from maculopathy or other serious vision problems may be eligible for compensation from the drug’s manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which has not warned US patients that the drug carries the possibility of this very serious and irreversible side effect.

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Studies show Elmiron Causes Retina Toxicity Leading to Blindness

Interstitial cystisis is a condition of the bladder that includes chronic pain in the bladder and pelvis area. It is estimated that about one million people, most of whom are women, suffer from the condition. As the primary FDA-approved treatment for IC, hundreds of thousands of people have been prescribed Elmiron for decades.

Researchers recently studied 91 patients who had taken an average of 5,000 pills each over the course of 15 years. The research team took detailed images of the back of the patients’ eyes. Twenty-two of the 91 patients showed clear signs of drug toxicity and others showed possible signs. The rate of toxicity rose with the amount of drug consumed, from 11 percent of those taking 500 to 1,000 grams to 42 percent of those taking 1,500 grams or more. A follow up study of 117 Elmiron users found similar results in January 2020.

In 2019, regulators in Canada began requiring a specific warning to Elmiron patients stating that the drug causes some people to develop maculopathy. So far, the manufacturer has not added such warnings to Elmiron sold in the United States.

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